Beal TIGER 10mm Climbing Rope Review

Beal TIGER 10mm Dry Cover with UNICORE technology is a multipurpose climbing rope for novices to thin ropes.
With the added UNICORE technology, you can trust that the rope offers extra safety for all kinds of adventures.


Weight: 61 g/m
Sheathe percent: 4o% thicker
UIAA-certified Golden Dry treatment
UNICORE technology


Just like you read in the title, this rope is actually 10 millimeters in diameter. Trust me, I double-checked. It is impressive and lives up to expectations.

The Beal Tiger 10mm rope is reputable as a long-lasting draft horse cord, and it becomes even more practical and durable because of the UNICORE technology. For a better understanding, UNICORE is a thin membrane that holds the core and sheath tightly together. When the sheath gets cut, the membrane keeps the sheath steady and keeps protecting the core.

The Beal Tiger rope is perfect for a large wall, alpine, and other environments prone to chopped cords and sliced sheaths.

Dry Cover

Dry cover refers to the process of treating every sheath strand with chemicals before manufacturing the rope. This hydrophobic treatment makes the rope more resistant to abrasion. It goes through a polymerized process under high temperatures during which they will cover every strand individually to increase the durability of the treatment.
After undergoing dry cover treatment, the ropes can resist dust, heat, constant falls, and abrasion.

A Dry Cover treated rope maintains its lithe and supple nature when being used with belay devices over a long period.


The UNICORE strongly bonds the sheath and core while ensuring that the rope is still supple. Even if the sheath gets torn or worn, UNICORE holds the core and sheath together and keeps it stable.

When using a regular rope, if the sheath gets cut, perhaps over a rock in the mountains, it will slide and get back together after some miles. You then face the impossible situation of ascending or descending from the zone.


The Tiger 10mm Dry Cover rope is a favorite of many traditional climbers and sports climbers. It continues to be a favorite for many even though a while has passed.

With UNICORE technology as an addition, even alpinists, big wallers, and route developers can trust this rope and use it in high and rocky areas. Everyone can count on the added durability of this rope.