Beal Opera 8.5mm Golden Dry Single Rope Review

The Beal Opera 8.5mm rope is the lightest in the market and also the thinnest. With the UNICORE technology, the rope is beyond safe and very much a must-have.

Climbers often face the danger of falling rocks, sharp edges, and crampons. All these things can cause a rope to fail. A failed rope can be catastrophic, but having tried out the Beal Opera several times with both rock and ice, I can say that it is light, safe, dry, and multi-faceted.

Specifications for the Beal Opera 8.5mm Single Rope

Single, double, and twin rope available
UNICORE technology
UIAA certified Golden Dry Dry or Dry Cover available
Weight: 48g/m
Length: 60m, 70m
Color: Blue or Green (dual-patterned green, black center mark)
Impact force: 7.4kN
Singe Rope Fall Rating: 5
Sheath percentage: 39


Many persons are curious about the Beal Opera because of its UNICORE technology.
The UNICORE technology is a thin membrane that sits between the core and the sheath, which holds them together. While joining the two sides together, ensures that the rope can stretch under load. UNICORE technology is useful so that if the sheath gets damaged, the rope will still work normally rather than breaking.
Regardless of the extra safety, you get from this technology, don’t continue climbing with a damaged rope.


The Opera rope’s sheath is tightly woven and very durable. You will find very little wear on a 70m Green Golden Dry rope climbing ice and rock for a season. There is no harm in further testing the rope’s durability, but you will need to bunch more miles through a summer of rock to see how it stands.


Belaying with the Beal Opera is smooth and fluid because the rope is lithe, flexible, and compliant.
While I can vouch that the Edelrid Mega Jul belay device works marvelously well with the Opera, I’m sure the rope will be great with the Petzl Reverso 4 as well.

For such a thin rope, it stretches up to 37% in a fall. When you compare this to 31% you can get with the Mammut Serenity, it checks. An advantage of this stretch rate is that the fall is low-impact, which is great for your gear.
On the downside, you will have to travel an additional distance. This distance requires you to be cautious with the ledges and the ground. If you’re a climbing second, dealing with this extra stretch results in lost vert.

Golden Dry Treatment

Opera’s Golden Dry treatment works great when climbing at the coat in winter. Although the coast is often wet, I didn’t notice any difference in the texture rope handling.

Even when I belayed in a wet spot, it remained dry. Although I must say that I didn’t use the rope on a rock, so the surface remained untouched and dry.


The advantages of Beal Opera 8.5mm Single Rope include its lightweight, lithe, and flexibility. You can also count on its versatility and safety.

On the downside, this rope is not easily available in stores

Generally, the rope is excellent for alpine, ice, multi-pitch rock, and others that pay attention to weight and safety. The rope’s UNICORE technology is also an amazing bonus.